Instrument care

"Don't drop it" - Dylan Fang 2016

Brass Instruments

It is good practice to rinse your mouthpiece on a regular basis in order to prevent residue build up.
Trumpets may also want to consider buying a mouthpiece dependent on their lip size.
Valve Oil
Slide Grease
A Soft Cloth
Straight Mute (Jazz Band Trumpets also need Cup and Harmon Mutes)
French Horn / Baritone / Tuba  
Slide Grease
Valve Oil
A Soft Cloth
Slide Cream
Water Spray Bottle
A Soft Cloth

Reed Instruments

At least four (4) working reeds that you rotate using from day to day. Your reeds will last longer and you will get better play from them if you do not use the same reed all the time until it is worn out.

Cork Grease is a must.
Recommended Mouthpiece: J & D Hite Premiere Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece
Recommended Ligature: Rovner Mark III Bb Clarinet Ligature and Cap


  • Earplugs, especially for marching season. Your hearing is delicate and constant playing on and around marching percussion instruments can have adverse long-term effects on hearing. 
  • Concert Snare Sticks (Vic Firth SD1 General Recommended)
  • Pair of medium yarn mallets
  • Hard rubber or plastic mallets
  • Pair of general and/or staccato/articulate (not ultra-staccato) timpani mallets
  • A Stick bag to carry mallets
  • Jazz Drummers need a pair of small tipped drumsticks. (Vic Firth American Jazz Sticks Recommended)