Field show music

In order to ensure that band camp and marching rehearsals run smoothly, music should be practiced and memorized over the summer. Marching is much more fun when you know the music

To listen to the music for this fall's field show on the JW Pepper website, please click the links below.

Night Watch  (Click Here)

Twilight Overture (Click Here)

Urban  (Click Here)


summer prep for marching season

It is important to condition your body before going into marching season. Getting some cardio and strength training done will benefit you greatly, stretching will also help as well. Remember to not go all out if you are not used to it, start slow and build yourself up from there. 

  • Stretching
    • Whatever exercises you do, make sure you stretch out your body before and after. This will help avoid soreness and increase flexibility. Don't skip this step, and make sure to stretch all the muscles you've worked.
    • You don't want to cramp or get an injury.
  • Jogging
    • Being able to jog a mile without stopping should get you to the point where you can make it through an entire show performance without difficulty. 
    • Calf raises
      • Backwards marching can make those calf muscles burn, especially during band camp. The simplest way to build those muscles is to stand with your feet together and repeatedly lift up onto your toes and back down slowly. 
  • Core / Lower back exercises
    • This will help with posture for everyone and will also help with holding up your equipment with less effort.
    • Planks
      • Start by lying on the floor. Lift your body into a standard push-up position, but with your forearms flat on the floor. Make sure your entire body is straight. Hold this position for 30 seconds or as long as you can and then relax. Repeat 3-5 times. Gradually increase the time spent holding the position each week. 
    • Lower Back
  • Push-ups
    • Everyone in the band will be using their arms in some way in addition to marching. Arm strength will make this easier and make you a better performer. 
    • When you first start, do as many as you can, keeping your entire body straight. Avoid the tendency to stick your bottom up in the air or to sag in the middle. 
    • If you are struggling, start out with your knees on the ground and work up to "real" push ups.
    • Work up to 10 push ups with good technique. Rest for 30 seconds to one minute max and then repeat. 
    • Each week, try to do 5 more reps each time (or as many as you can).

Marching posture / technique

Learning and having correct posture including marching technique will be crucial for marching season and you won't be behind once marching season starts.


Marching Essentials

You will need these items during band camp and in the future for evening rehearsals and marching practice. These items are essential for being able to work efficiently during band camp.

  • Water
    • Water, water and water. Water is extremely important for band camp and during evening rehearsals so you won't get dehydrated and tire out. 
      • The summer days can get extremely hot and you will be even more tired out from the heat if you are not properly hydrated. 
      • The biggest sign of dehydration is not sweating. Even if it is really hot outside or if you are working really hard.
      • Remember to drink water the night before so you won't feel dehydrated the next day.
      • Remember to also keep drinking water frequently throughout the day, even if you are not thirsty. Drink during water breaks, lunch, and before bed. Be sure to drinks lots of water.
      • Try to stay away from soda and other sugary drinks as they will slow you down and make you even more dehydrated. 
    • It is highly recommended that you bring a large amount of water for yourself. A water bottle will not last you the whole day and there will not be frequent water breaks throughout the day so it is best to have a lot of water ready on hand.
      • These one gallon jugs (click here) are great for marching season and are a very good size which will last for a while. You can pick these up at Walmart, Target, or any other sporting place. 
      • You should also write your name on the jugs so that they won't be misplaced.
      • Be sure to clean your water jug regularly.
  • Clothes
    • Be dressed to work. You will get very sweaty and wearing the wrong clothing can make marching very uncomfortable and hot. Athletic shirts and shorts paired with shoes will have you set for marching comfortably and efficiently. 
  • Shoes
    • It is highly recommended that you wear high-quality comfortable athletic shoes. You are going to be on your feet a lot and this will help make sure that your feet will not be in pain.
      • No matter how "ugly" they look, you need to wear them in order for you to march comfortably. 
      • if you are wearing cute shoes and they do not have proper support your feet will be in a lot of pain later on in the day. 
  • Accessories 
    • Sunscreen 
      • A lot of people don't like sunscreen but it is still good to put it on so you won't get sunburned because the days will be extremely hot.
      • Chapstick should needed for brass players in order to prevent sunburn. 
      • Hats / Visors / Bandanas
        • You're going to want something to help cover your head from the sun and this will help protect you from the sun.